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Radiant Labs makes an all-in-one interactive modeling and analytics tool that cities, states, and utilities use to guide their energy policies and meet their carbon goals.

Our software aggregates comprehensive data points to generate an hourly energy model for every building in a chosen region and anticipated replacement timelines for each building’s energy equipment. Our proprietary algorithm can also predict which building owners have a high propensity to upgrade their buildings and when, uncovering a pool of highly targeted candidates for building energy upgrades, fuel switching, renewable energy installations, and electric vehicle deployments.

Features for achieving emission goals

Our software platform equips you with tools that guide, ease & expedite every aspect of the journey toward carbon-neutral living.

Radiant Labs

Customer Targeting & Analytics

Our detailed analytics platform provides program implementers and city, state, or utility staff with the ability to drill down to an individual home level and determine the best candidates to target for energy efficiency upgrades. Users can sort and filter by data sources such as census, rental property, environmental attitudes, family makeup, political orientation, and propensity to invest in upgrades, and then narrow the focus onto the ideal geographic areas or economic clusters. The result is a pinpointed list of individual addresses to target with selective marketing, rebate offers, and other incentives for rooftop PV, fuel switching, and other energy upgrades.

Radiant Labs

Equipment Replacement Forecasting

We can anticipate the replacement schedules of heating and cooling systems, roofs, windows, and other equipment for each building in a community. We do this by processing building permit data and assessor records and applying adjustable lifetimes to the existing inventory of equipment.

Radiant Labs

Consumer-Facing Roadmap & Sales Tool

Our software platform has the ability to generate custom home energy roadmaps and financial analysis for each home in a selected area. This information can be synced with efficiency program and utility data, which can be automatically integrated into a presentation-ready sales proposal that includes a 30-year cash flow analysis.

Radiant Labs

Lead Tracking Dashboard

Contractors, utilities, and associated programs rely on our Lead Tracking dashboard to help them simply and seamlessly process, manage, and report on the outcomes of leads generated by the Customer Targeting & Analytics tool.

Radiant Labs

Market Factor Influence Analysis

We use machine learning to determine how certain market factors will influence the cost effectiveness of different efficiency upgrade scenarios. These factors could include interest rates, solar, the costs of electricity and fuels, and the type and extent of the energy efficiency improvements. This exclusive feature assists in quickly identifying the policies, rebates, or education it makes most sense to deploy.

Radiant Labs

Hourly Energy Modeling & Grid Impact

There are multiple complex factors to consider when examining the impacts of different energy improvement scenarios. Our ability to perform hourly energy modeling on every home helps determine the cost effectiveness of various energy improvements (e.g., fuel switching, electric vehicle deployment, etc.), the impact they may have on emissions, as well as potential implications to the utility grid.

Unrivaled customer segmentation & analytics capabilities

From informing the right policies to targeting ideal candidates for home energy upgrades, our software is unparalleled for its many capabilities.

Radiant Labs

1. Depth of targeting

Traditional marketing is expensive. Our targeting tools allow you to pinpoint individual building owners that can immediately benefit from the recommended improvements. Fueled by historical building upgrade information, permitting records, publicly-available data, and financial information, our software establishes relevant demographic and ethnographic predictors. This means that you know the ideal buildings for upgrades as well as the building owners who have the highest propensity to carry out the upgrades.

2. Sales propositions to feature savings through bundling

There is enormous economic value in bundling energy efficiency upgrades, but for most contractors, the standard proposals cover just the basic, piecemeal upgrades. Our software is a one-of-a-kind tool that allows contractors to rapidly produce and deliver proposals that lay out how energy savings can be increased by combining multiple renewable energy and efficiency technologies. As consumers better understand their own cost of doing nothing, it is easier to sell the combination of energy efficiency, fuel switching, renewables, and electric vehicles.

Radiant Labs
Radiant Labs

3. Equipment replacement forecasting

One of the best times to incentivize fuel-switching and efficiency upgrades is when old equipment is near the end of its useful life. Where available, our software utilizes construction permits, assessor records, energy program statistics, and manufacturers’ data to anticipate the replacement timing of old heating and cooling systems, roofs, windows, and other aging equipment in buildings.

4. Bottom-up modeling

Our software’s bottom-up modeling is based on insights specific to individual buildings. For aggregate data, this kind of bottom-up modeling increases accuracy, flexibility, and depth of analysis, as compared to the traditional top-down models, which represent most of the customer analytics tools on the market.

Radiant Labs

Current deployments

The cities of Burlington, Vermont and Boulder, Colorado are currently deploying Radiant Labs’ analytics and segmentation platform as a planning, marketing, and implementation tool.

City Boulder


“Boulder and many other cities have made significant commitments to emissions reduction and renewable energy system adoption. We cannot achieve these goals without the types of tools and data management support Radiant Labs has developed. They are transforming our ability to both understand and support our community in making this critical energy system change.”



City Boulder


“Radiant Labs has allowed the Burlington Electric Department (BED) to consider new and innovative ways to process and consider data, including how this data can be used to design and implement programs that address the complex and growing needs of our customers. As a public electricity utility, BED is committed to serving the public good with new and innovative energy efficiency and renewable energy programs; Radiant Labs is emerging as an important player in this over arching effort.”



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