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Radiant Labs co-founders Jeff Friesen, Ben Mailian & Adam Stenftenagel are also the co-founders of Snugg Home. For the past nine years, Snugg Home has been providing home performance professionals with an all-in-one software for energy auditing & sales.

Snugg Home serves more than a thousand contracting companies in 48 states & is featured in over 70 utility & government programs. Since founding Snugg Home in 2010, Radiant Labs’ founders have continued to develop deep relationships with government & utility efficiency programs, energy auditors & contractors.

In sharing their thoughtful insights, telling questions & distinct pain points, these gracious colleagues, teammates & partners have guided the work we do, the software we create & the people we create it for.

Radiant Labs

Jeff Friesen

Jeff leads Radiant Labs’ software development team utilizing web technologies such as React, Redux, and Node.js. Before curating stacks of custom products, Jeff’s early career was focused on solving energy problems. He spent six years researching fusion and low-temperature physics and eventually transitioned into developing global warming software models for National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). Jeff earned his Masters in physics at the University of Colorado, Boulder at the Joint Institute of Laboratory Astrophysics (JILA).

Ben Mailian

With deep knowledge of digital design and web development, Ben collaborates closely with Radiant Lab’s engineers to transform innovative ideas into compelling digital reality. In addition to managing Radiant Lab’s design efforts, he is currently Snugg Pro’s Head of Product. Previously, Ben served as the head of the Technology Department at Mahatma Gandhi International School, a school in Ahmedabad, India.

Radiant Labs

Radiant Labs

Adam Stenftenagel

With expertise in building science, energy modeling, and energy auditing operations, Adam is the lead analyst and energy specialist of Radiant Labs. He handles the day-to-day operations of the company and excels at cost-benefit analysis for the purpose of constructing cash flow-positive and affordable Net-Zero Energy homes. Adam was a founding board member of the Boulder Green Building Guild and participated in numerous committees of the Colorado Governor’s Energy Office sponsored Residential Retrofit Working Group.

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